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2023 SIAL Innovation registration platform
is open NOW!
On February 15th, 2023, SIAL Innovation,the food innovation event of SIAL Shanghai officially kicked off. Online registration channel is open now, and all exhibitors of SIAL Shanghai can enter the competition through Exhibitor Service Center --- Innovation.
All the awarded products are authorized to use the award logo of SIAL for the packaging or marketing promoting free of charge.
About SIAL Innovation
The SIAL Innovation was founded in 1996 and is known as the "Oscar" of the global food industry. The international competition system, the participation of global food manufacturers and international professional jury make SIAL Innovation known as the vane of global food and beverage innovation and development.

All awarded product in SIAL Innovation will be exhibited in major cities of SIAL Network around the world, such as Shanghai, Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Las Vegas, New Delhi, Jakarta, etc., and will receive high international attention and recognition from practitioners in the global food industry.
·According to feedback from the awarded companies, SIAL Innovation award brings 6.7% increase in sales for the product.
·One of the most important activities of SIAL Network.
·The 27-year history has attracted the attention of the food industry.
·The independent and authoritative jury group are composed of experts, academics, media and consulting organizations.
·One in three visitors to the SIAL exhibition has visited the Innovation Competition booth.
·3W+ SIAL onsite audience, 20W+ SIAL social media platform followers.
·Newsletters, press releases, press conferences and other multi-channel media promotion in more than 60 countries.
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Adhering to the principle of selecting innovative products that bring tangible benefits to consumers, more than 300 submitted products were assessed by an independent and authoritative jury composed of industry experts, academics, media and consulting organizations screened, based on the dimensions of pleasure, health, wellness, convenience and environmental protection. In the end, 58 products from China, France, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Vietnam and other countries were selected, including many well-known brands such as OMNI, SABAVA,COOPERL ARC ATLANTIQUE, VEGAANA. Four of these products won the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards and will be exhibited in the SIAL Network Innovation in 2023- 2024.
Exclusive benefits of winning products:
1 Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners will be displayed in the Innovation Pavilion in SIAL Network in 2023-2024, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Paris, Montreal, New Delhi, Jakarta;
2 Gold, Silver and Bronze Award awarded products will be presented in the official video of SIAL Shanghai;
3 Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners will have the opportunity to deliver a speech at the SIAL Global Food Industry Summit, the corresponding conference of SIAL Shanghai;
4 The Top 10 Award winners will be published on the WeChat official account of SIAL in China (after the show);
5 The Top 10 Award winners will receive the on-site media interview at the show;
6 The Top 10 products will receive the opportunity to be exposed for free online livestream;
7 The Top 10 Award winners will receive the opportunity to launch new products onsite;
8 Selected products can be displayed for free in the SIAL Innovation display area at the SIAL Shanghai event site;
9 Selected products can be promoted by using the "SIAL Innovation 2023" Logo on the product packaging for free;
10 Selected products will be officially released by SIAL before the show.
Who can participate?
·All exhibitors (independent exhibitors and exhibition groups) of 2023 SIAL Shanghai can participate in SIAL Innovation for free, and also can submit one or more exhibiting products.

·The participating products shall be new products which are developed or released after September 2022.
SIAL Innovation Entry Process
Registration Information:
Time: February 15th, 2023--March 31st, 2023
How to registration: Submit the registration through the Innovation Center
Contact: [email protected]