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Industry Summit
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SIAL Global Food Industry Summit
will be held on December 7-8!
11 Theme Forums
100+ Overseas & Domestic Speakers
2,000+ Professional Audience
200,000+ Online Viewers
2022.12.7 2022.12.8
  · Opening Ceremony
· Smart Agri-Food Summit
· Phytogenic Food Forum
· Global Dairy Forum
· VIP Lunch (Invited Only)
  · Prefabricated Food Forum
· Food Supply Chain Forum
· China Catering Forum
· VIP Lunch (Invited Only)
  · International Meat Forum
· Nutri & Health Food Forum
· International Drink Conference
· Networking (Open to Attendee)
  · Prefabricated Food Forum
· F&B Investment Forum
· Import Food Summit
· Networking (Open to Attendee)
  · Development of Japanese Prefabricated Food and Future Outlook
· Take Advantages of Channels and Strengthen Innovation of
Aquatic Prefabricated Products
· Strengthen the Development of Prefabricated Cold Dishes and
Enhance the Competitiveness of Chinese Fast Food
· Case Study: How Food Brands Can Get Growth
· Deepening Customer Recognition Through Brand Innovation

  · Regional Supply Chain, the Core in Competition
· The Key to Integrate Industry Chain: Channels & Upstream
Supply Chain
· Digital Supply Chain Facilitates DTC Localization

  · Key for Compressive Ability Building in Agricultural Products
· New Insight into the Imported Functional Food Consumption
· FAQ of <Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the
Registration and Administration of Overseas Manufacturers of
Imported Food> Application

  · Global Meat Consumption Structure Analysis and Trade Forecast
· Influencing Factors and Development Trends in Global Meat
· How Pork Can Restore the Competitiveness Under the New
Consumption Structure

  · Analysis of China's Dairy Industry Consumption Demand Trend
in 2023
· Exploring Milk Protein Processing Characteristics and Potential
Application Characteristics
· Nourishing the World with Green and Sustainable Irish Dairy

  · Brand Marketing Achieved New Breakthroughs Under
· Healthy Tea: Milk Tea & New Style Tea Brand Differentiation
· How to Maintain an Advantage in the Highly Competitive Coffee

  · How can Chain Restaurants Avoid Problems Keep on?
· Can Take-out Service Help Catering Restaurants Survive the
"Cold Winter"?
· How Chinese Restaurants Get the "Password" to Michelin

  · Promote the High-quality Development of Agriculture with
the Gene Editing Technology
· Nutrition-Oriented Agriculture and Nutrition Standards for
Agricultural Products
· Biotechnology Change the Future of Agri-Food

  · How Probiotics can Protect the Gut Health of Young People
· The Investment Potential of Chinese Bakery Brands
· 2022 Insights on New Consumption of Homology of Medicine
and Food

  · China Nutrition Status and Health Food Supervision
· Nutrition and Health Food Industry Trends
· Amino Acid Nutrition & Health Industry Development Trends

  · The Key Factors of Plant-based Food Development
· The Development Direction of Turmeric Application Driven
by New Consumer Demand
· Innovative Application and Value of Fermented Protein

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