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The 4th SIAL Global Food Industry Summit will be held in conjunction with SIAL Shanghai 2023 on May 18-20 at SNIEC. 10 parallel theme forums will be held with the theme of “Then and Now: Own the Change”.
Global New Retail Forum
International Drink Forum
F&B Distributor Forum
China Catering Forum
Global Dairy Development Forum
F&B Investment Forum
Import Food Forum
International Meat Forum
Food Supply Chain Forum
Food-Tech Innovation Forum
Several activities will be held
at SIAL Global Food Industry Summit
To enhance communication and explore new discoveries in the field of food technologies, SIAL Smart-Tech Talent Plan will provide a platform for new products and new technologies to discover potential business opportunities. The selected products and technologies will have an opportunity to publish at SIAL Global Food Industry Summit, and may have an opportunity to receive supportive funding.
The VIP Lunch is an occasion for further communication between the invited experts and speakers.
The networking is an interactive & communication activity for the offline audience of the SIAL Global Food Industry Summit. Participants will have the opportunity to communicate with speakers face to face.
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